Wahala: Frausters stole Actress Fati Muhammad’s car after they scammed her

Well-known Kannywood actress Fati Muhammad revealed how scammers stole her car after they lied to her and promised to provide her with traditional herbs that would protect her from her enemies.

The actress makes this unknown revelation to Dala FM Radio during an interview.

The actress told Dala FM Radio that a male relative of hers called Suleiman Kyawa came to her house and told her that she was really in a bad situation.

He says that he will meet her with one of his friends, who is really a good cleric and herbalist, who will help because enemies are throwing a lot of magic, juju, and asiri at her.

He further added that she would be alright and would not be left like that. That kind of problem should be dealt with.

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The actress went on to say that Sulaiman called his friend, Mal. Isah, who told her that he is a cleric and herbalist, and then he told him that, for God's sake, there is a sister of his, and what is bothering her is that he wants to help her.

Mal. Isah sent a note to the actress with some medicines that she would drink and some that she would burn in a fire and let her inhale the smoke.

After using them, as instructed by Mal. Isah, the actress lost her consciousness like a drunkard.

The next morning, Sulaiman Kyawa ran away with her car.

The police succeeded in arresting Mal. Isah, who revealed that his name is Muhammad Sani and not Mal. Isah is not a cleric or an herbalist.

In the end, the actress stated that the police are still searching for Sulaiman, and she advised her fellow filmmakers and the community as a whole to avoid dealing with people like him.

Watch the complete interview below:

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