I won’t let my daughter use social media or join Kannywood - Actress Sayyada Sadiya Haruna swears an oath.

Northern Nigeria’s famous and controversial tiktoker and Kannywood actress, Sayyada Sadiya Haruna, makes a surprising revelation while being interviewed by Dala FM Kano.

We all know that most Kannywood actors and actresses are gradually admitting their children into the industry and introducing them to the viewers as tomorrow’s icons.

Let’s take an example with actor Ali Nuhu Muhammad’s children, with whom he starred in some films while they were still underage.

So, we will view what she said in that interview as something surprising considering the fact that most actors have been starring their children and brothers in films, songs, and series films.

Sadiya revealed that she won’t let her daughter use social media or be an actress in the popular Hausa movie industry, Kannywood.

In today’s technologically advanced world, we will consider what Sadiya Haruna said as like caging her daughter from being what she becomes.

Just like she admitted during the interview.

She said she wouldn’t want her daughter to do what she did, let alone face the challenges she faces as an actress and tiktoker.

She further added that her mother also did not want her to join Kannywood, which is why, after she joined, she started with the left hand.

Watch the complete interview below.

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