Singer Small Doctor reveals that Portable (Zazuu crooner) is his boy

Small Doctor
Small Doctor

Temitope Adekunle, alias Small Doctor, a Nigerian Afro-pop artist, has labeled controversial singer Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, as his boy.

Small Doctor explained why Portable vacate his residence after becoming famous in an interview with the Echo Room.

He claimed that the Zazu conner left after being ordered to wash his body (body wash).

He said, “When he met me, I told him that he has to do body wash to look good but he disagreed because he believed I want to use packaging to kill him. I continually advised him to stop doing like a tout, and dress properly. Portable has been my boy since 2018 when he has been attending my concert.” 

Small Doctor emphasized the cause of their dispute, “DJ Spirit had called me that day that he has an artiste, Portable that he wants me to jump on his song (Zazuu). I was surprised to see that my conversation with them on social media which attracted calls from several people including my manager.

“A few days later, my DJ told me that Olamide and Pocolee has featured in the song and I was surprised to see that there was an artwork for the song already. I was happy to see that because I know that their prestige will help boost the song and it blew

“After Portable became a superstar with the song, I convinced him on severally to set up a music camp and it was there he wrote the songs ‘Clear’ and ‘neighbour’ for him.

“Portable insisted that I be on one of them for him since I have been helping him all along so I chose the ‘neighbour’ track.”

According to DailyTrust, he further claimed that the singer had once sent thugs after him. Portable, on the other hand, cursed Small Doctor and claimed that he sought to use him to build a name for himself.

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