Boko Haram terrorists beheaded 15 farmers in a village of Borno


Boko Haram
Boko Haram Militants

At least 15 persons have been brutally killed by suspected Boko Haram militants in coordinated raids on two communities in Borno state's Jere Local Government Area.

The insurgents reportedly entered Kofa hamlet at midnight and began shooting, which continued for nearly an hour into early Friday morning.

In one of their recent gruesome attacks, the Boko Haram terrorists attacked Mola Kura and Mola Gana, where they brutally killed some people.

Residents of those two villages were forced to flee their homes and hide in the nearby bushes.

Bukar Ali Musty, a member of a vigilante group in Jere local government, revealed that the deceased farmers were working in their farmlands when the terrorists attacked and brutally beheaded them.

He said that the beheading occurred on Thursday as the farmers were working on their farmland outside of Maiduguri, close to Molai.

According to DailyTrust, he said, “At least 15 bodies were evacuated this morning, the attacks took place yesterday (Thursday).

“Seven farmers were beheaded while working on their farmland and the attackers also slit the throats of eight other harmless civilians in their homes.”

Another civilian JTF who was a member of the evacuation squad expressed worries about the attacks and urged state and federal stakeholders to get up and make sure the militans were dealt with.

 “It was a sad development considering the progress that we have made in the months without any attacks on communities.

“I was there this morning. I can’t imagine seeing my fellow human being slaughtered like a ram. All those bodies that we recovered were found in the pool of blood and I think we all need to rise to tame this enemy of peace,” the source said.

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