47-year-old Tukur Bala Bodinga was elected as the Speaker of Sokoto Assembly

Tukur Bala Bodinga
Tukur Bala Bodinga

Tukur Bala Bodinga, a 47-year-old legislator, has been elected Speaker of the Sokoto State House of Assembly.

At Tuesday's plenary, Bala-Bodinga, who represents Bodinga North, was nominated by Bello Idris (Gwadabawa North/APC) and seconded by Habibu Modachi (Isa/PDP).

He was elected with no opposition.

In his inauguration remarks, Bodinga told his colleagues that he would work with them in the best interests of the country.

"We will ensure a state Assembly that works closely with all legislatures and staff of the Assembly," he said.

He and his leadership will also try to help the government accomplish its desired goals and fulfill its commitments to citizens.

Kabiru Ibrahim (Kware/APC) was, nonetheless, elected as the deputy speaker.

Aminu Almustaoha Gobir (Sabon Birni South/APC) nominated him. 

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