Regionalism: Kannywood actors complained that they were excluded from Tinubu’s swearing-in committee.

Kannywood Actors
Kannywood Actors

Northern Nigeria’s film industry, popularly known as Kannywood, has complained about the refusal to include its members in the swearing-in committee of the president-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The swearing-in of the new elected president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was scheduled to take place on May 29 in Aso Villa, Abuja. 

The industry, on behalf of its members, expressed its displeasure in a statement signed by actor and film producer Al-Amin Ciroma.

The announcement indicated that the Kannywood members strongly criticized the selection of members of the southern Nigerian film industry, namely Nollywood, over the members of the north, especially the famous Kannywood actors.

According to him, it is surprising that prominent Kannywood personalities such as Mansura Isah, Ali Nuhu, Abdul Amart, Jamila Nagudu, and others did not make it to the list, even though they did their best in the general election campaign of the winning All Progressive Congress (APC).

 The statement added that "most of those who are famous in the Hausa film industry campaigned for Tinubu's election even before the general assembly.

“Most of the famous Kannywood actors, such as Mansura Isah, are well-known for campaigning for 'Jagaban, even before he was announced as the APC presidential candidate.

“I am asking the interim committee of Asiwaju why it was formed without a single prominent Kannywood member on the list?

“Many of the Nollywood actors on the list did not even show their faces during the campaign and election," the statement added.

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