Negative Effects of Social Media on Students in 2023

Negative Effects

It was very unfortunate that nowadays most students used to spend uncountable hours surfing social media chat sites, but most of them were not aware of the huge negative effects of social media on their studies.

It has been observed that students devote more attention and time to social media than they do to their studies, and they definitely can’t pass their examinations well if they don’t learn.

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I’m sure, dear SeeyBlog visitor, social media plays an important role in distracting students academic performance and also contributes to their lower academic excellence.

Both social media and social media sites have many different positive and negative effects on not only students but on the whole society around the world.

Since we’re talking about its negative effects on students, let me share some well-known and genuine negative effects of social media.

Effects of social media on students include the following:

  •  Reduce Learning & Research Capability
  •  Soar of Time Wastage
  •  Socializing in Person
  •  Impact on Health
  •  Academic Excellence
  •  Poor Grammar & Writing Skills
  •  Depression & Addiction
  •  Fear of Missing Out

Listed write-ups above are among negative effects of social media on students. I will take them one after another and explain them in details.

Reduce Learning & Research Capability

With the widespread use of social media, students are increasingly relying on such platforms to obtain information and knowledge rather than searching for it in books, journals, or notes.

Although it is much easier to obtain information online, it is reducing students' learning habits and research capabilities.

When a student becomes addicted to conducting research online on a regular basis, he loses touch with libraries, where he can access an unlimited number of books for his research activities.

Soar of Time Wastage

Hmm!  It's clear that most students nowadays prefer to spend their free time on social media sites rather than doing their important schoolwork.

Students who frequently use social media sites waste a lot of their valuable time, which eventually affects their academic performance.

Socializing in Person

Students who spend too much time on social media sites and far too little time socializing in person or through face-to-face communication are unable to socialize effectively with others.

They may communicate with a lack of body signals and other nonverbal cues, such as tone and inflection issues.

Impact on Health

Excessive use of social media by students does have a detrimental effect on their bodies as well as mind. They may also be subjected to terrible situations, such as eye strain caused by phone/laptop screen light, or physical and mental stress.

Furthermore, such issues cause students to become sluggish and unmotivated to study.

Academic Excellence

Honestly, for students who are attempting to multi-task like computers, multi-tasking contributes to a reduction in their academic performance, low self-perceptions, distraction, and others.

Nevertheless, it is not suggested that you be a multi-tasking student if you want to obtain good scores in all the subjects you’re studying, no matter where you’re studying.

Poor Grammar & Writing Skills

Excessive use of shortcut words while conversation online by students play special role towards decreasing students grammar and writing skills.

Rather than improving their skills they are doing worst thing, however these days students are unable to write effectively without the use of spell checker feature of computer or commercial package software.

Depression & Addiction

Social media platforms are a major factor that is causing distraction and addiction in not only students but on whole populations using them.

Spending too much time on social networking sites could adversely affect a student’s mood. If he is in a happy mood, then that happiness can easily change to sadness by reading or viewing a single piece of content.

Students addicted to social media prefer spending hours surfing social media rather than studying. Frequent use of social media by students is called addiction," and it has a negative effect on their academic performance.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Fear of missing out was born around the same time as the rise of social media. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the widespread effects of social media on students and society as a whole.

For example, a student might constantly check his massage apps to see if there are new things that somebody is enjoying while he is offline. That is FOMO.


Me too, sometimes I used to feel that FOMO deep inside, but I believed it was just some sort of addiction that was affecting me. Anyway,  as a student, you need to adjust the time you're spending online to expand your offline chores like reading, research, conversation with those who are more educated than you, and so on.


The eight negative effects of social media listed and explained above are not the only ones that exist. I adjust them for better and easier reading.

Finally, I hope you'll use social media carefully since you already know that Uncle Mark, Sundar, and other tech nerds are spying on all your activities, be they on your phone or laptop.

Have a nice day ahead.

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