Biography of Hamisu Breaker, His Early Life, Career, and Networth

Hamisu Breaker

The Hausa Music industry in Northern Nigeria is rapidly flourishing, with fresh untapped talents being found and tapped every day.

The number of bloggers that promote those young artists through all available channels of communication is also increasing daily in order to help their singers achieve success both domestically and abroad.

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Since its founding in the 1990s, Kannywood has yielded over than three generations of musicians. Bollywood, a well-known Indian film industry, served as an inspiration for Kannywood.

I'm going to cover nearly all the info you need to know on Hamisu Breaker, the Prince of Hausa Musicians, in this post. The 2020's Jaruma hit song maker.

The official music video for Jaruma has received more views on YouTube than any other Hausa song to date.

Jaruma official music video had received a total of 10 million unique and legitimate views as of the time of writing.

Hamisu's Early Life

On February 27, 1992, Hamisu Sa'ad Yusuf, also known as Hamisu Breaker, was born in Dorayi, Gwale Local Government Area, Kano State.

His parents are both of Hausa ethnicity, and he was raised there. He is therefore an Arewa native (northern Nigeria).

Hamisu is a Muslim who was brought up in Muslim-dominated Kano by a Muslim family.


In this year, 2023, Hamisu is 33 years old, and in coming year, 2024 he will clock 34 years.


Hamisu did both his primary and secondary school education at Dorayi.

Yet as of now, there has been no evidence showing that he attended any university or college of education inside or outside of Nigeria..

His Music Career

Hamisu Breaker is a highly talented musician, singer, songwriter, and performer who hails from Kano State, Nigeria. 

In his youth, he was a proficient break-dancer, which gave him the first part of his stage name, Breaker. 

He sings in his native language, Hausa, which has made him well-known among Hausa speakers across West Africa, particularly in Northern Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Chad, and Cote d’Ivoire. 

Most of his songs are love-based and are referred to as Hausa Nanaye or Wakokin Soyayya in Hausa. 

However, his popularity has not extended significantly to the southern part of Nigeria, as most southerners do not speak Hausa.

Breaker's career began while he was still a secondary school student, and he released many singles before his debut album in 2020. 

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One of his love songs, Jaruma, was released in the same year and gained instant popularity among Hausa youths due to its heart-touching and devotional love verses. 

The song attracted the attention of academicians in Northern Nigeria and has now entered the realm of study at the university level. 

Even the Hausa Oral Literature Professor, Sa’idu Muhammad Gusau, himself sang the song.

The charisma and acceptance of the song, along with its style, have made it popular among lovers, especially married women. 

In the video, they are seen bowing in front of their husbands, while staying at home due to the corona epidemic. As a result of its popularity, Jaruma has become one of the most streamed songs in the Hausa music industry. 

The song's unique qualities have also caught the attention of Professor Gusau, a renowned teacher of oral songs at Bayero University in Kano, and is now studied in the field of education.

His Girlfriend

Maimuna Abubakar, a famous Northern Nigerian actress known by her stage name “Momee Gombe”, has strongly denied rumors of a romantic involvement with Hamisu Breaker, despite allegations from different hear-says.

According to reports, Momee Gombe's divorce from her husband was supposedly due to her involvement with Hamisu Breaker. 

However, she has denied any such claims.

At present, it is unclear whether Hamisu Breaker is currently in a relationship or he is not because he is not among those celebrities who are telling their relationship status online.


At the moment, I am unable to provide an accurate estimation of Hamisu Breaker's net worth. However, based on various reports, it is believed that he is valued at approximately 300 million naira. 

Although this is only an estimate, it is widely speculated that his actual net worth far exceeds this amount.

His Songs

  • Bazana Manta Maryam Ba
  • Sirrin Zuciya
  • Nagane Duniya
  • Kece
  • Mai Sona
  • Karshen Kauna
  • Jaruma
  • Sakon Amarya
  • Mafarkina
  • Muradin Zuciya
  • So Dangin Mutuwa
  • Bakan Gizo
  • So Na Gaskiya
  • So Gaskiya
  • Mai Tafiya et cetera


You can find Hamisu Breaker on various social media platforms and follow him there. Nonetheless, this article presents a biography of Hamisu Breaker. If you have any thoughts or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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