"Arm and depend yourselves." Rep. tells his constituency members over senseless killings by bandits

Rep. Dachung Musa Bagos

Dachung Musa Bagos, the member representing Jos South/Jos East federal constituency of Plateau State in the House of Representatives, has directed his constituency members to arm and depend on themselves using constitutional means.

Bagos made this statement in response to the recent killings by bandits in the state's Mangu and Jos South Local Government Areas.

During the weekend, it was reported that over 20 people were killed by bandits in the area of Mangu and Jost South Local Governments.

Bagos advised his constituents to defend themselves in accordance with the Nigerian constitution, which provides the right to self-defense.

He then expressed his sadness at the constant nature of the attacks on civilians of his constituency.

According to the DailyTrust, he said, “Sadly, innocent citizens are being attacked and killed on the daily basis in Plateau State, particularly in Riyom, Barkin Ladi and Mangu; hundreds have lost their lives since May 2023, villagers can’t go to the farm. Several displaced persons camps, land taken over, farmlands destroyed, what a wicked world!

“Just on Saturday, 12 persons were killed in Mangu and also yesterday night, seven of my constituents who are miners were targeted and gunned down; this barbaric act is condemned.”

He noted that most people in his constituency now live in fear, and he then added that the bandits' attacks happen on a daily basis.

He said, “In the face of this kind of breakdown in the will and capacity of the government to protect the people and their communities, law-abiding citizens must organize to protect themselves.

“The point here is when the government failed in its constitutional role to protect its people, citizens have a legitimate duty in law and morality to ensure the continuity of human life.

“Self-defence is indeed a constitutional right. Under section 14(2)(b) of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution, “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.

“Accordingly, Section 17(2)(b) of the same constitution requires that “the sanctity of the human person shall be recognised” and to reinforce this, section 33(2)(a) makes self-defence lawful when undertaken in “defence of any person from unlawful violence or for the defence of property.

“I want to call on all Plateau citizens to be alert and defend themselves against attackers, and all Plateau State citizens must unite to defend the land. We are peaceful people, but our inheritance which is our land will never be taken by force.”

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