Abia Govt bans civil servants from hawking and trading during working hours

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The government of Abia State has prohibited civil workers and other state employees from hawking and trading anything between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Joy Maduka, the acting Head of Service, issued the order during her first meeting with the inner office workers.

The meeting also included her office's whole management and personnel.

Maduka argued that restructuring and reorganizing the service in order to recover its lost glory are tasks that must be completed under the current administration's plan.

She warned employees to avoid sabotage, unethical behavior, and general indiscipline, and urged them to scrupulously follow public service norms and regulations.

The acting Head of Service, who reaffirmed Governor Otti's stated commitment to enhancing worker welfare, stated that workers would restore their pride under the new administration.

Maduka stated that the Abia State administration would no longer tolerate disrespect to constituted authority/superiors.

She also warned that tardiness, loitering, and gossiping were not permitted in the civil service.

Workers who spoke at the inaugural meeting pledged to follow the HoS direction and expressed their determination to assist the new administration in developing the civil service and the state in general.

According to a specific finding by the correspondent, prior to the prohibition, some government offices resembled semi-markets, as several public officials working in such offices traded on commodities to supplement their monthly salaries, which they felt were insufficient to meet their family's financial demands.

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