Youtuber iShowSpeed shed tears of joy after meeting his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo

Speed Met Ronaldo
Speed met Ronaldo

After months of attempting to meet the Portuguese superstar, YouTuber iShowSpeed was able to meet his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

iShowSpeed, one of the self-established YouTube top content creators He is among the top content creators on YouTube, and his main niche is gaming.

But due to his love for Ronaldo, he has been using his channel to frequently express his love and admiration for Ronaldo.

And Speed finally managed to get a photo with Ronaldo after months of yearning to meet his idol.

Some people may call it destiny or coincidence, but it is really beyond that.

Speed never thought he would be able to meet Ronaldo that day after Portugal's match against Bosnia and Herzegovina, when his idol, Ronaldo, stopped.

Speed was in teary mode as he shared a quick and unexpected conversation with his idol.

However, fans were really happy that Speed and Rondaldo finally met.

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