Conflict broke out between Adam Zango's ex-wife and her Tiktok fans

Conflict broke out between Adam Zango's ex-wife and her Tiktok fans after she was asked about their marriage with Adam Zango.

Adam Zango's ex-wife and actress, Amina Uba Hassan, who is known as Maman, was really angry after some of her Tiktok fans rained insults on her.

After she grew tired of their unstoppable insults, she decided to return the favor by insulting them too.

Amina is Adam Zango’s first wife and the mother of his first son, Aliyu, who is nicknamed Haydar.

Since Adam Zango’s divorce from his sixth wife, Safiya Chalawa, his fans have turned their anger against his first wife, asking her to consider remarrying the divorced actor since they already have a son between them.

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The way they are asking Amina to remarry the actor is not friendly at all, which is why the actress decided to fire back at them.

And to this day, no one knows the reason why the couple separated in the first place; that’s why Amina is still not considering making their relationship public.

Amina has been interested in movies since before her marriage to Adam Zango; in an interview with her, she stated that she started appearing in Nollywood movies.

Amina has now returned to the Kannywood industry, where she makes her debut screen appearance in the Gidan Danja Hausa Series.

Watch the complete interview below:

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