Hadiza Gabon Phone Number, Email and Room's Talk Show

hadiza gabon phone number

Celebrity life is absolutely extra special because recently I was surfing through our keyword research tool and I came across a question asked by almost a thousand people per month.

When I first saw the search query, I thought it might be helpful if I dedicated at least a 600-word article to give those querers what they were looking for.

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The question is: What is Hadiza Gabon’s phone number?

Upon seeing the question I imagined somebody asking who is the dude behind SeeyBlog?

You might be wondering, Who the heck is asking for a celebrity’s phone number on Google?

Most likely, those who asked are her fans.

They just want to talk to her and tell her how much they admire her. Yes, that’s celebrity life.

They are people of the people.

But before I give you any of her phone numbers, I would like to briefly discuss who she is.

Who is Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza Gabon is a Nigerian film producer and actor. She is well-known for her performances in Hausa language films, which are largely produced in Nigeria's northern region. 

Gabon has appeared in a number of Hausa movies, including "Basaja," "Gidan Farko," "Halacci," "Mijin Yarinya," and "Wasila." 

She has received many awards for her efforts to the Nigerian film industry, including Best Actress at the 2015 City People Entertainment Awards. 

Gabon is also well-known for her charity endeavors, notably those aimed at assisting orphans and disadvantaged children in her neighborhood.

Hadiza Gabon’s Room Talk Show

Hadiza Gabon is a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres and her popular show, which is why she recently started hosting her own talk show in Hausa.

She is currently inviting Kannywood actresses and actors, producers, musicians, and all popular people to her talk show.

And in Northern Nigeria, she is the first woman to host talk shows like this.

And being an actress, producer, and celebrity contributes a lot to getting her show to the right audiences without any hardship.

Is her Acting Career Dead

With the way things are going, we can’t directly tell you whether her acting career is dead because she still appears in the popular Arewa 24 series as Gidan Badamasi, playing Tani.

On the other hand, she is hosting her own talk show regularly, so her acting career is still alive even though she has passed her acting career’s prime age.

Hadiza Gabon Email Address

It is against our work ethics to reveal people’s personal contact information online, but still, the email address we’re going to drop is her email address, which she provided on her Instagram handle.

You can only send her commercial emails, not personal ones.

After her manager sees that your message is important and reasonable, he will forward it to her personal mail box.

For commercial purposes: commercial.hadizagabon[at]gmail.com

Other commercial email: hadizagabon[at]gmail.com

Note: Whatever email you use, you’ll still send her message via her manager. So be reasonable, because she won’t even know you’ve sent her a message if you’re just saying hello and hi.

However, those emails are available on her Instagram page and on Ninja Outreach.

Hadiza Gabon Phone Number

To date, we’ve been trying to get our hands on her phone number, but we’re unable to get it.

You can talk to her via email; if she wishes, she will give you her phone number; or you can talk to her via her social media handles.

Phone Number Status: Under Research

Wrap Up

Almost everything we’ve covered here is based on thorough research that we conducted via search engines and all available mediums.

If you want to phone Gabon, then talk to her via email or just message her Instagram or Facebook handle.

Thank you.

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