Musician Mahmud Na Danko, the "Baba Zai Dada Aure" hit-maker, is dead

Mahmud Na Danko
Late Mahmud Na Danko

On morning of this day, Sunday, June 6, 2023, the news of the death of a singer, Mahmud Na Danko, shocked the entire Kano State people and its Kannywood actors and actresses.

The singer lost his life as a result of an accident after a car hit him while he was driving his motorcycle on the road's windshield.

The news of his death was revealed by his close friends.

His close friends revealed the news of his death to the newsmen. 

Several Kannywood actors mourned the death of the late singer. May he rest in peace.

His hit song 

Around 2020 to 2021, his song "Baba Zai Dada Aure, Za'ayi wa Umma Kishiya" trended on social media and on the streets of Northern Nigeria. 

She is the reason why many people discovered this artist and started listening to his songs.

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