Famed South Korean streamer BJ Imvely commits suicide during live broadcast

Late BJ Imvely. Photo:KomChadLuek

A famous South Korean 37-year-old female streamer, BJ Imvely, committed suicide during a live broadcast after a party with other streamers.

This tragic and heartbreaking news rocked the South Korean entertainment and streaming industries and the whole people of the country.

Before the death of the streamer, footage surfaced showing her arguing with other streamers at a party on June 11, before she died.

She broadcast live after returning home intoxicated, stating that certain friends were engaged.

She requested her ex-husband to look after their child during the live stream and talked about her prepared last will and testament and farewell letter for her daughter. She spoke with her father as well, sharing her suffering and difficulties.

During the livestream, she moved away from the camera, and 20 minutes later, emergency services showed up at her residence.

According to her close friends, she faced two cardiac arrests, which required the doctors to put a breathing tube on her in the hospital.

As reported by The Thaiger, Imvely's death was later confirmed yesterday.

One of the party streamers went on camera after Imvely passed away to explain themselves and claim they weren't to blame for her suffering. Online groups reacted negatively to this, accusing the person of disrespecting the deceased.

Who is BJ Imvely

Imvely's real name is Im Ji Hye; she is a former model turned Afreekatv streamer.

She is very popular on Afreekatv and was well-known as a race queen and motor show model.

In 2006, she appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine.

She also appeared in the movie "Sunflower" as a supporting role.

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