Meet this talented Nigerian, Ashiru A. Ashiru, whose dream is to design Auto-pilot war planes for Nigerian Army

Jirgin Yaki
Ashiru A. Ashiru; Image source: BBC Hausa

A young and very talented Nigerian university graduate called Ashiru A. Ashiru designed and built a mini-surveillance drone for the Nigerian Army.

Ashiru revealed that the idea of designing his first drone and auto-pilot war planes for the Nigerian Army came to him when more than 300 Kankara secondary school girls were kidnapped last year.

He said he wanted to contribute with his talent so that the security forces would find it easier to identify the locations of those terrorists and kidnappers and deal with them easily.

Ashiru, a physics degree holder from Alqalam University in Katsina, the northern region of Nigeria, said he did this work to show the world some of the talents and skills that God has given Nigerian citizens.

The young man said that since he was in college, he was interested in design, and he and his classmates built a small helicopter.

"When the students of Kankara High School were kidnapped, I started to think of developing a drone that can find out where these students are", said the young man in an interview with BBC Hausa.

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