Congo's Education Minister impregnates his deputy and claims it's an accident.

Kazadi and Namasia
Kazadi and Namasia

In a surprising revelation, Tony Mwaba Kazadi, who serves as the Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, admitted to having an unplanned pregnancy with Aminata Namasia. 

He attributed the pregnancy to an accident that occurred while they were working.

Although they were both married individuals, it is alleged that Namasia developed romantic feelings for Kazadi after being appointed as the National Deputy Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education in Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde's cabinet on April 12, 2021.

However, a local newspaper called The Street Journal reported that Namasia denied the story on her Twitter page. 

She emphasized that outside of her official and public responsibilities, she has a personal life that deserves respect from everyone. 

She stated that this right to privacy is guaranteed to all Congolese citizens by their constitution.

Namasia argued that spreading damaging rumors about her could not only harm her relationships but also tarnish the reputation of her married male colleagues and their families. 

She believed that such practices should not be encouraged or condoned.

She said: “On the eve of the electoral contests scheduled for December of this year, political detractors can attack my opinions and political actions rather than opting for practices tending to smear my person.”

The Street Journal also cited a "reliable Congolese" named Nugandu, who debunked the story and claimed that it was merely a part of the political drama unfolding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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